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cooperation of the Utilities and Transportation Divisions, Supply Department,
Fiscal Office, customers supported by public works, and others will determine
to a great extent maintenance productivity and efficiency.  The Facilities
Management Engineering and Maintenance Division must maintain good relations
with each of 'these components if it is to accomplish maximum production for
resources expended.
11. SUPPLY DEPARTMENT SERVICES.  The Supply Department performs vital services
in support of the Facilities Management System. Most important of these
services are procurement, stocking, issue, and delivery of materials needed
for maintenance and repair work.  The Supply Department also obtains local
allotments of navy stock fund money to finance allowable items of nonstandard
stock.  The degree of effectiveness with which material procurement, stocking,
issue, and delivery are accomplished varies directly with the cooperative
interest, determination, and action shown by key personnel in the Supply and
Public Works Departments.  When material delivery problems are discussed at
weekly scheduling meetings, first-hand knowledge by a Supply Department
representative at the meeting can significantly improve support services.
12. FISCAL OFFICE.  Services provided by the Fiscal Office include fund
control, provision of cost data, maintenance of leave records, and similar
accounting assistance including maintenance management reports preparation.
An understanding of maintenance management procedures affecting the fiscal
office will prove useful to key fiscal personnel in their relationship with
the Public Works Department.  Close liaison between the two organizations
should be maintained.  Establishment of the job order number structure, codes,
and other report symbols should be mutually determined.  Management reports
should be prepared within the time limits established by NAVCOMPT.
customers supported by Public Works Department funds to the Facilities
Management System is covered in detail in the Work Generation, Work Control,
and Planning and Estimating Chapters.  The following principles apply:
a.  The number of persons authorized to submit work and cost estimate
requests should be minimized.  Preferably, one representative should be
appointed by each customer to maintain liaison with the Public Works
Department.  To minimize confusion, it is advisable for the customers to
publicize internally who their liaison representatives are and that contact
with PWD must be through these representatives.
b.  Designation of personnel authorized to submit work and cost estimate
requests, as well as those officially authorized to sign and approve cost
estimates and work requests, should be transmitted in writing to the Public
Works Department.  Records of such designations should be kept current.
c.  Customers should have an understanding of facilities management.
principles and policies and their affect on job performance.  Shore facilities
inspection should be understood, especially its effect in lessening the need
for customer maintenance work generation.  Customers should be informed
regularly of the advantages of submitting accurate and complete data to assure
timeliness of processing requests for estimates or work accomplishment. This
could be accomplished through the preparation and distribution of an informa-
tive manual describing the PWD operations and the preferred methods of dealing
with the PWD.


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