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d.  The point of contact for customers within the Public Works Department
should be formally established and publicized. The Work Reception and Control
Branch should normally be the first point of contact for all work requests.
e.  Public Works Lead activities (PWLA's) should have an officially
designated Activity Liaison Officer who should be the contact for
communication of priorities and status of work. PWLAs are CNO-designated PWDs
at Naval Shore Activities which provide a full spectrum of public works
services. These services include assistance in facility planning, engineering
consultation, design and other public works support functions, within a naval
complex which is comprised of: (1) two or more contiguous activities; or (2)
two or more naval activities located within close proximity to each other, as
appropriate. The type and extent of services provided will be delineated in
mutually agreeable Intra-Service Support Agreements (ISSAs) executed between
the PWLA and supported activities.
Status of work requests should be periodically provided to customers.
most part, the principles covered in the preceding paragraph are also
applicable to reimbursable customers.  It is therefore important that all
matters affecting funds citation be cleared as far in advance as possible.
The need for periodic status in connection with funds expenditures and job
completions may require extra Facilities Management Engineering Division
effort. Also, periodic status reports of work requests should be provided to
15. SELF HELP.  Self Help programs should be established at Naval Activities
to enhance the habitability of bachelor living quarters, and to improve
personnel support, welfare, and recreational facilities. To ensure the work
is accomplished in a professional and economic manner, reliance should be made
on Civil Engineer Corps Officers and Public Works and Seabee resources for
technical guidance of personnel unskilled in the maintenance or construction
trades.  This program can be an effective method of improving personnel
support facilities and enhancing the living standards of military personnel
16. NAVAL CONSTRUCTION BATTALION UNITS (CBU's),  CBU's are separate activities
of the Naval Shore establishment tasked to ensure Seabees ashore attain and
maintain military and construction skills.  CBU's are employed for new
construction,  alterations, repair or nonrecurring maintenance projects which
provide for attaining and maintaining technical proficiency or for projects
restricted by security.  CBU personnel shall not be used in competition with
civilian labor and are not a general labor hour pool to augment Public Works
Departments.  It is the activities responsibility to provide the necessary
resources over the CBU capability such as plans, specifications, materials,
self help labor hour, and special tools and equipments.


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