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f.  The work must be performed intermittently to avoid disruption of
other important operations.
ORDER OF CONTRACTING.  Shore activities entering into contracting for the
first time on a large scale should start with work items that are easy to
specify and where substantial contracting experience exists at other
activities or advice-can be provided by support commands. The impact of
contracting on the manner of doing business must be considered. For example,
functions where a minimum of interface occurs with other shop functions is
preferable for initial contracting.  Shore activity experience in contracting
is necessary to effectively balance in-house and contract personnel for work
that is normally accomplished on minor and specific work authorizations. The
type of functions accomplished by standing work authorizations is generally
easier to contract initially and has less impact on shop work force
scheduling.  It is not always possible to select the easiest items since
review schedules are identified by CNO and major claimants.
PLANNING THE TIMING OF CONTRACT AWARDS.  As the level of contracting
increases, it becomes important that contract award dates be programmed
throughout the year to minimize a heavy workload during any one period,
particularly at the end of the fiscal year.  Scheduling of award dates should
also anticipate future plans which might require consolidation of contracts.
Staggered award dates for similar type work would make this effort more
Consideration should be given to minimizing the number of
contracts and if this is not presently feasible, awarding similar contracts
during the same period.  Generally, shore activities enter into the
contracting process on a gradual basis.  As confidence increases, the
contracting effort increases.  Contract administration is complicated by a
proliferation of contracts; therefore, it is recommended that the total
contract workload, present and planned, be evaluated periodically with the
intent of consolidating contracts.  Be sure that contract consolidation does
not preclude small business considerations.
Two types of contracts generally cover public work
Facility Support Contracts
(1) These contracts cover services normally performed under the
Service Contract Act or opened-ended type construction contracts performed
under the Davis-Bacon Act.  Administration of these contracts is a shared
responsibility between the PWD and NAVFACENGCOM. Typical delineation of
responsibilities is inspection and Facility Support Contract Manager (FSCM)
functions being performed by the PWD and procurement functions by NAVFACENGCOM
field Contract Office.
(1) This type of contract covers fixed price repairs, maintenance
and construction supporting public works requirements.  These contracts are
generally administered and inspected by NAVFACENGCOM.


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