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a.  Philosophy.  Base Operating Support Contracts (BOS) have been used in
recent years to contract for total base services. These contracts offer two
substantially different characteristics that might be expected of a series of
Facility Support Contracts, as follows:
(1) All base support services, not just functions normally
considered to be public works functions, are included in the contract.
(2) Management functions such as maintenance control, shop overhead,
and engineering may be included in the contract.
b.  Usage.  Originally, Navy usage of Base Operating Support (BOS)
Contracts was for new base requirements.  The success of these contracts has
resulted in use on existing bases.  As the contracting effort increases at
shore activities to the level that substantial portions of base services are
no longer performed by Navy personnel, consideration should be given to this
type of contract.  This is not a decision which can be made entirely at the
Public Works Department level.  Navy policy and economic analysis will more
than likely be the driving force behind increased BOS contracting and a strong
commitment from the shore activity Commanding Officer is necessary.  The
reluctance to permit packaging of functions that would reduce small business
participation will undoubtedly limit the number of large BOS contracts.
11.  CONTRACTING  RESPONSIBILITIES.  The knowledge of the contracting
responsibilities of the Naval Facilities Engineering Command and Naval Supply
Systems Command (NAVSUPSYSCOM) is necessary to minimize misunderstanding,
confusion, and overlap of effort.  Frequent dialogue at activity level
concerning responsibilities is necessary to increase understanding of their
respective roles.  NAVFAC P-68 (Contracting Manual) identifies the
responsibilities for contracting.  A brief synopsis is provided in this
publication to provide background only.  Regulations and publications
concerning contracting should be the basis of decision in this area, not the
information provided in this chapter.  The following division of
responsibilities is provided to act as a guide to the acceptance of
contracting requirements by the two Commands.  This chapter only addresses the
materials, equipment, and services that are procured by either NAVFACENGCOM or
NAVSUPSYSCOM.  Appendix D delineates areas of responsibility for both commands.
a.  NAVFACENGCOM is responsible and authorized to contract for design,
planning, development, procurement, construction, alteration, repair, and
maintenance at all shore activities of the naval establishment for public
works and public utilities, and to procure construction, transportation, and
weight-handling  equipment.
b.  NAVSUPSYSCOM is responsible for the procurement of standard
commercial materials, equipment, and services. NAVSUPSYSCOM receives, stores,
and issues materials to the operating forces and to activities of the Shore
Establishment.  To perform this responsibility, NAVSUPSYSCOM is responsible
for purchasing, cataloging, distributing, and disposing of excess equipment,
equipage, repair parts, and consumables.


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