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12.  CONTRACTING SUPPORT.  Frequently, there is a reluctance to contract.
Previous unsatisfactory experiences with contracts, knowledge of other
activities problems, perceived difficulties in preparing specifications, and
the concern for losing flexibility often cause shore activities to be hesitant
in embracing the contract concept.
a.  Support is available to assist shore activities prepare economic
analysis, prepare the specifications required, or advice concerning staffing
requirements that pertain to the contract administration function. Other
activities with experience in the type of contract being considered can
provide valuable do's and don't's.
b.  The Engineering Field Divisions (EFDs) of the Naval Facilities
Engineering Command have valuable experience in contract administration
matters and in Commercial Activities economic considerations. Also the EFDs
maintain a library of technical provisions and have available information
concerning the performance of contractors. Shore activities should contact
the Facilities Division (Code 10) at the EFD serving their geographical area.
C.  Good contract specifications require thought and time. These
factors, as well as a heavy workload navy-wide, require that adequate advance
planning be provided well before the desired contract date. Contract
maintenance often requires that the scope of work to be performed should be
specified in greater detail than normally would be required for in-house
accomplishment. Contractor personnel are initially unfamiliar with the
facilities involved, Navy operations, and activity requirements. The contract
specification must provide this information.
d.  Guideline Performance Work Statements (PWS) have been developed for
the major areas of public works. How to adapt the standard specifications and
develop Quality Assurance (QA) plans for inspection are covered in MO-327
(Service Contracts: Specifications and Surveillance). Both the PWS and
MO-327 emphasize that specifications should minimize the use of "how to"
clauses and maximize performance requirements whereby the contractor is simply
told to deliver an acceptable end product.
a.  General.  The two most important elements for successful contract
administration are good specifications and adequate inspection by qualified
personnel.  Contract inspection for Maintenance Service Contracts and open
ended Maintenance Construction Contracts rests with the shore activity
responsible for providing the service.  Occasionally support is received from
other organizations; but generally it is provided by the cognizant Public
Works Department.
Standard Navy organization (P-318) identifies a
b.  Responsibilities.
Facility Support Contract Division Public Works Department.  This Division is
responsible for preparation, administration, inspection, and certification of
all Service Contracts as well as any Officer in Charge of Construction (OICC),
Officer in Charge (OIC), or Resident Officer in Charge of Construction (ROICC)
functions assigned.  The OICC/ROICC is normally assigned the following
responsibilities unless they are specifically delegated to the Facilities
Support Contract Branch.


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