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Have the units of work been clearly defined?
j.  Have you considered the timing of a contract award to spread the
workload, as well as permitting future consolidation of contracts?
k.  Have inspectors been trained in contractual requirements and do the
inspectors have the type of expertise needed?
Have quality assurance plans been developed and utilized?
m.  Have you discussed your contracting desires with other shore
activities experienced in contracting or the geographical EFD serving your
n.  Have you conducted a study of the area to be studied for contract to
assure that it is operated as efficiently as possible (Most Efficient
Organization (MEO).
16.  SUMMARY.  The decision to contract involves a myriad of factors and
decisions.  Be sure that all aspects of contracting have been considered and
that the impact on the Public Works Department has been evaluated.  Organi-
zational changes necessitated by increased contracting must be initiated to
complement the contracting effort.


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