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Standards, when available, and job-site analysis.  Estimated Standing Job
Orders are usually issued on a quarterly basis but may be issued on a more or
less frequent basis.
b.  Unestimated.
Unestimated Standing Job Orders cover repetitive work
for which estimates cannot be prepared.  Unestimated Standing Job Orders are
usually issued on an annual basis.  They are issued primarily as fiscal
documents for accumulating total annual charges. Work should not be
authorized for an Unestimated Standing Job Order that is basically service
work in nature.  For instance, individual Standing Job Orders should not be
written for replacing window glass, replacing light bulbs, emergency repairs,
or eliminating plumbing leaks.  Charges against the work category Unestimated
Standing Job Orders should be minimal.
All Standing Job Orders should be reviewed periodically by Public
Works Management to determine:
Necessity of the work authorized,
Completeness of specification of work involved,
Adequate frequency for type of functions performed,
Reasons for labor hour variation from the estimate*, and
Total maintenance force labor hour requirements.
REWORK.  Rework (labor class code 40) is work necessary to correct faulty
work.  Rework requests may be initiated by any Public Works Department
supervisor as well as by customers, and are routed to the Director, Facilities
Management Engineering (FME) Division.
a.  Approval.  The Director, FME Division, and the Directors, Maintenance
and Utilities Divisions, will jointly investigate the job or work in question
and collect and submit all data, with their recommendations, to the Public
Works Officer.  The Public Works Officer will review all information
available, decide the cause of the faulty work, and take -appropriate action if
possible to prevent recurrence of the problem.'
b.  Processing Rework Authorizations.  Upon approval of the Public Works
Officer, the FME Division will prepare a Specific Job Order to perform the
rework.  This Specific Job Order will be charged to the appropriate Division
overhead account and should read, "Labor Class Code 40 except for other
overhead."  Processing of rework Specific Job Orders is identical to that for
other Specific Job Orders.
OVERHEAD.  Job Orders and/or Shop Control Numbers shall be issued to
accumulate charges under the various overhead categories such as supervision,
leave, and training. Functional, or cost account numbers, listed in the
following paragraphs indicate those accounts for which overhead job orders are
normally required.  Further description and detail on these accounts is
contained in Volume 2, Navy Comptroller Manual.  Additional information
regarding the cost and type of labor hour expenditures, for each of these job
orders is obtainable through the use of Work Center Codes.  Field activities
requiring more detailed cost data than provided by these accounts, and by use
of the codes mentioned, may issue additional job orders to identify segments
of charges to each expenditure account.
10.  JOB ORDERS FOR PUBLIC WORKS COST ACCOUNTS. At a minimum, a separate job
order should be used for each of the following overhead items:


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