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charged to an accounting classification other than that shown on the basic job
order. A supplementary job order may be issued under a specific or standing
job order. A supplementary job order will contain a notation that it is
"supplementary to job order number (basic job order number)." Thus, the
fiscal office can relate costs under the supplementary job order to the basic
job order to obtain the total cost.
13.  AMENDMENTS TO AUTHORIZED WORK.  Job order amendments should be
restricted.  An amendment reopening a closed job order will state that the
original job order has been closed and the purpose for reopening, such as
continuing work under the original job order, or accepting additional charges
for work previously performed.  An amendment that increases the dollar
estimate will show the change by listing the previous total estimate, the
amount of the increase or decrease, and the amended total estimate.  Adjust
only incorrect work center estimates so performance integrity is maintained.
When additional work exceeds-the financial limitation of the job and the work
is customer financed, an amendment should reflect an increase in the
contingency costs as well as the additional work costs.  This maintains
individual job order financial integrity.  An amendment that changes the
accounting classifications may be issued only if all charges, including
charges previously recorded, are to be made to the new classification. If
only some element of the work is to be charged to the new classification, a
supplementary job order will be issued.  If all future charges are to be made
to the new classification, with no change required in previous charges, a new
job order will be issued.  A specific, standing, or supplementary job order
may be amended for various reasons, including:
Reopening a closed job order.
Modifying the technical provisions.
Increasing or decreasing the scope.
Increasing or decreasing the dollar estimate.
Changing the accounting classification.
14.  REQUESTING AMENDMENTS.  Requests for amendments may be initiated at any
level of supervision in the Maintenance or Utilities Divisions. They shall be
channeled through the Director of the Maintenance or Utilities Division to the
Facilities Management Engineering Division. The request should present all
essential facts so that the amendment can be issued with the least
investigation necessary.  Work input on an important job in progress should
not be interrupted; oral approval should be obtained in such instances, and
the required paper work accomplished as soon as possible thereafter.
15.  APPROVAL.  The Director, Facilities Management Engineering Division,
shall review all amendment requests.  The Director shall also approve, if so
authorized, or recommend that the Public Works Officer approve, requests for
amendments when the facts justify this action.
16.  AMENDMENTS PREPARATION AND AUTHORIZATION.  When amendments are approved,
a new job order shall be prepared using the original job order number. To
indicate that a revision has been made and to permit the Fiscal Office to
change records accordingly, the new job order shall be marked with the letter
A, after the original job order number, and shall be followed by the sequence
number of the amendment; for example, 624-2032-A1.  The suffix A1 is not used
for job identification in any of the reporting procedures.  It is used only to
indicate the first revision to previously  authorized work.


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