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(c) Nonproductive time such as administrative leave, excused
tardiness, and time lost in excess of 0.2 hours as a result of inclement
weather when in a pay status.  This code also includes mandatory pay time for
employees reporting for duty but sent home because of inclement weather.
(d) All productive time in excess of 0.2 hours that is lost
while employees are waiting work assignment.  Also the time lost during the
course of a job while waiting clarification of, or changes in, the scope of
the work caused by errors of omission or commission by the public Works
Department.  Delays caused by changes requested by customers shall be charged
to the customer's job and recorded as productive time.
(5) 44 General Office and Clerical.  This code will be used by
Maintenance or Utilities Divisions to identify graded personnel who are on the
roster of the Maintenance or Utilities Divisions, but not those personnel
assigned to the Maintenance or Utilities Divisions who are on the roster of
the Administrative Division.
(6) 45 Leave.  This code identifies all approved absences for
annual, terminal, sick, and military leave, holiday pay, jury duty, and all
other leave for which pay is received.
Indirect Overhead
(1) 60 Facilities Management Engineering Division.  This includes
all FME Division effort supporting the direct maintenance/utilities forces and
facilities control function.  It does not include effort relating to facility
support contracts, special project development or productivity analysis.
(2) 61 Engineering Support.  Engineering effort supporting
maintenance control function and maintenance/utilities shop forces.
(3) 62 Administrative Support.  Effort related to administrative
actions supporting FME function and maintenance/utilities shop forces.  This
can be a statistical entry based on workload study if accounting is a problem.
(4) 63 Indirect Overhead Leave.  Statistical entry for labor control
report based on 15 percent of hours included in codes 60, 61, and 62 or actual
charges if readily available.
(5) 64 Facility Support Contract Administration.
Effort related to
preparing and administering facility support contracts.
(6) 65 Special Project Development.
Effort related to preparing
Special Projects.
(7) 66 Miscellaneous.  Effort accomplished by engineering/facilities
management engineering not included in items 60-65.
The inclusion of indirect overhead in the review process gives public works
managers a truer picture of the cost of doing business.  This information is
critical in determining overall efficiency.  Indirect overhead can have a
major impact on public works competitiveness under the commercial activities
program.  The labor class codes have been provided to permit full


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