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Procedure Chart 5.  Oral and telephone reporting procedures, and the
publicizing thereof, can approximate those established for reporting fires.
The following controls are applicable to generating work other than
emergencies or breakdowns.
a.  Established Channels.  Maintenance work may be generated through
established channels as a result of various programs such as safety, utilities
management, fire prevention, security, and transportation Shop Repair Orders.
Shop Repair Orders (SRO) prepared by the Transportation Division for
Maintenance Division performance should be submitted to the FME Division and
processed as customer work requests.
b.  Military Inspections.  Military inspections, which are standard
practice at most activities, fulfill an important function as a command audit
of the physical plant.  Maintenance work that is generated should be compared
with existing inspection reports and then processed through standard work
input control channels.  It is essential that Commanding Officers recognize
that planned shore facilities inspection is an integral part of good
facilities management.  This recognition of shore facilities inspection as the
first line of attack against substandard shore facilities conditions will
provide substantial support to the facilities management system.
5.  FORMS AND PROCEDURES.  The use of forms and adherence to procedures
provides a measure of control. Requestors must furnish required information
for Public Works Department review and action (see Procedure Chart No. 1 and
Figure 6-1).  Processing a work request requires considerable preliminary
action, thus ruling out the likelihood of haphazard or spur-of-the-moment
6.  MAINTENANCE LIAISON REPRESENTATIVES.  The designation and use of
maintenance liaison representatives is most important.- These are personnel of
departments,  divisions, or other components within the activity, or other
activities, through whom requests for maintenance work are channeled for
review and verification prior to submission to the Public Works Department.
Availability of funds, duplicate requests, necessity for the work (unless
apparent), requested completion dates, compliance with procedures, and so
forth, are matters that should be looked into, and properly checked within the
requesting unit, before an official request is made.  To minimize confusion,
it is advisable for customers to publicize internally who their liaison
representatives are and that contact with the PWD must be through those
7.  CUSTOMER RELATIONS.  The Public Works Department, as a service
organization, should maintain good relations with all customers. A key to
good customer relations is through judicious Work Request processing (Figure
6-1). There are three important steps that can be taken to establish and
maintain proper customer relations:
a.  The customer should be notified of the date a cost estimate will be
received when more than one week will be required to prepare the estimate.
b.  It is only natural for a customer to be interested in the time that
the work will be performed. Since the exact starting and completion dates of
some jobs cannot be firmly established until all material is on hand and the


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