Quantcast Chapter 7 Work Input Control

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1.  SCOPE.  Work Input Control provides basic planning and work status
information from work inception to its termination or completion.  It includes
the actions of screening individual jobs for necessity, determining the
relative urgency and programming them through the planning phases, authorizing
the work, maintaining a balanced and adequate workload in each work center,
keeping informed on job status, and assuring proper job completion. The
procedures outlined in this chapter furnish guideline information for
establishing a Work Input Control System.  Work Input Control procedures aid
in Public Works Department management. Work programming must be an orderly
process balancing items required for day-to-day operations of the activity
with priority items required by safety, operations, or urgency of repair.
Although priority systems are utilized, they generally, serve only to assure
high priority items are handled expeditiously.  The majority of the work
accomplished by the Public Works Department is of about equal priority in the
broad sense. If the maintenance and repair work has been gene rated by
inspect ion, priorities are substantially easier to determine. Paragraph 14
describes a method to develop priorities.
Individual categories of work can be handled as a unit.  For example,
alteration work can be controlled by establishing target dollar amounts for a
year.  A station planning board can then prioritize the requests with all work
within the target amount accomplished.  Maintenance and repair resources
should be directed to accomplishing the highest priority repairs on the
highest priority facilities.  This generally does not mean that some
facilities receive no maintenance.  What generally occurs is that various
facilities are maintained at different levels of maintenance. These
determinations cannot be made at a navy-wide level. It is based on the
mission and overall condition of a particular activity.
2.  RESPONSIBILITY.  Work Input Control, the control of work processed to
engineering, inspection, planning and estimating and/or shops, is the
Facilities Management Engineering Director's responsibility but subject to
review and approval by the Public Works Officer, or the PWO's designee. Many
of the decisions required must take into consideration total resource
availability and frequently involve several Public Works Department
divisions.  At large field activities active participation in and review of
the work input control system would normally be the responsibility of the
Assistant Public Works Officer, while at small activities the Public Works
Officer would serve as the coordinator.
3.  WORK RECEPTION AND CONTROL.  Work Reception and Control screens,
classifies, and records all incoming maintenance work requests, including:
controlling the step-by-step processing of work requests, inspection reports,
job orders, and posting and maintaining work progress/job status charts; and
maintaining inspection and work order files.  Because of the continuing need
for ready access to records and data by the Facilities Management Engineering
Division, logical placement of the Work Reception and Control functions is in
the FME Division.  Additionally, this branch controls job order flow within
FME Division and to the shops Divisions as well as assistance required from
the Engineering Division.  Details of processing work requests are provided in
Appendix B (Charts 1-4).


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