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Public Works Call Notice
Emergency/Service Work Authorization
10.  FUNDS AVAILABILITY.  If funds are not available, the deficiency should be
classified as an Unfunded Facilities Deficiency (UFD) in accordance with
NAVFAC MO-322, Volume 1 instructions.  Maintenance and repair deficiencies. are
summarized annually on the Annual Inspection Summary.  This document is
extremely important in that it describes deficiencies in activity condition
and is the basis for determining funding level.  Some work may have a high
priority and be considered necessary, but certain factors must be noted in
relation to activity mission support importance.- Minor construction or
alterations, not essential to the activity mission, should be deferred in
favor of more important maintenance and repair work. Then, the degree of
urgency in its particular activity mission support must be considered.
Sometimes funds are available, but the work still cannot be done because:
a. The in-house workforce cannot do the work,
b. It is too late in the fiscal year to award a contract, and
c. The funds expire at the end of the fiscal year.
If this is the case, the funding source should be promptly advised so that
other essential needs can be looked at and other avenues of expending the
funds can be investigated.  If this occurs frequently it is a symptom of
inadequate advance planning.


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