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18.  ANNUAL MAINTENANCE PLAN.  OSD establishes the requirement for an annual
maintenance plan.  This plan should identify the pattern of maintenance,
repair and alterations to be accomplished during the fiscal year. The
shopload plans are the detailed execution plans developed from the annual plan
to effectively utilize shop resources.  It is equally as important to have a
plan to execute contract requirements.  The following procedures are
recommended in determining a maintenance plan.
a.  Determine total assets available for facility maintenance and
operation under control of the Public Works Department.
b.  Determine total fixed costs such as annual contracts, janitorial,
trash collection; other standing job orders, and overhead charges.
Estimate E/S workload.
d.  From the above calculations determine resources available for
maintenance, repair, construction and alterations.
e.  Evaluate backlog of work as generated from inspection customers for
major categories of facilities, and predicted requirements (based on
f.  Utilizing a priority system as discussed earlier, prepare a listing
of work to be accomplished.
g.  Determine a general time schedule of accomplishment so that dates can
be entered on the Job Requirement and Status Chart. These dates should be
utilized to schedule work to planners and estimators, engineers or other
personnel involved in labor or contracting planning and preparation.
This plan should be periodically monitored and adjusted throughout the
fiscal year.  The advantages of having such as plan are (1) identification of
total maintenance requirements, (2) early identification of contract
requirements due to shop limitations; (3) knowledge of how changes to this
plan will affect the personnel and funding capabilities of the Public Works
Department; and (4) evaluating requirements to be placed under annual
contracts.  The same information required to develop an annual maintenance
plan is needed when determining backlog as reported on the annual Inspection
In addition to annual maintenance plan, it is necessary to consider
future requirements that could influence resource availability such as mission
change and long-range major repairs.  The inspection system and facility
history records should provide information leading to a decision to develop
projects for major repair or replacement.  For example, if the utility system
is old, past records identify large annual expenditures for repairs and
current inspection reports describe a deteriorating condition, the economics
of a major repair should be evaluated.  Likewise, facilities past their
economic life should be considered for replacement.  These requirements should
be clearly identified during the Command's participation in the budget cycle.
If the efforts are successful, these decisions should be reflected in the
annual maintenance plans by performing only limited repairs until the major
repair or replacement is accomplished.


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