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Appendix C) developed for public works. Word processing is an acceptable
alternative in the interval.
25.  WORK AUTHORIZATION DOCUMENT FILES.  These files are maintained by Work
Reception and Control.  Completed Specific Job Orders and Minor Work
Authorizations are filed in one of two ways: (a) In sequence of issue by
number by year of issue, and (b) in sequence of issue by building or property
of the originals of completed Emergency/Service Work Authorizations filed by
building or property number in sequence of issue. Emergency/Service Work
Authorizations should be analyzed periodically by the Work Management Branch
to determine:  (a) repetitive type failures or deficiencies; (b) frequency of
Emergency/Service Work reported by sources other than inspectors for
comparison to the inspection frequency; and (c) the quantity and type of labor
required to perform the work, and such other analyses as desired. A brief
weekly analysis of the E/S Outstanding and Completed reports should identify
problem areas.  Monthly analyses of the E/S Analysis and Facilities reports
will furnish the information described above.
substantially more Navy activities receiving operations and maintenance
dollars than activities with Public Works Departments.  Activities without a
Public Works Department generally receive support from the PWD of their host
activity, from a nearby Public Works Lead Activity or from a Public Works
Center.  Responsibility for the effective use of maintenance resources rests
with the fund holder.  Liaison with the Lead Public Works Activity can be
accomplished by ACE's, Staff Civils or other designated personnel depending on
the amount of the resources involved.
a.  Execution:  The Public Works Lead Activity or support PWD is
generally funded for the overhead function associated with the support such as
inspection, engineering, or planning and estimating.  The customer is
responsible for evaluating the condition reports provided and the operational
requirements of the activity to develop a priority list of requirements that
best utilizes the resources assigned.  Technical guidance should be provided
by the Lead Public Works Activity or the staff civil engineer located on the
staff of the supported tenant.  Customer activities should, as a minimum,
maintain a Job Requirements and Status Chart and prepare an Annual Maintenance
b.  Elements of Control:  The customer activity should maintain a
modified Job Requirements and Status Chart to track its backlog of work. Work
should be processed to the support/Public Works Department/Lead Activity based
on fund availability, priority, normal work processing lead-time, and the
desired completion dates of the work.
Two basic levels of control are possible:
(1) Customer owns plant account
(2) Customer occupies property on plant account of activity providing
public works support.


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