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c.  Degree of Control:  The degree of control and involvement of the
customer is substantially greater if owning the plant account: Generally, a
customer using a facility not owned by the customer is not responsible for the
basic structure, but only for costs associated with the occupancy, therefore
the customer is not responsible for reporting condition assessment or backlog.
d.  Level of Control:  Each tenant or supported activity must evaluate
the level of control required to execute its mission responsibility to operate
and maintain assets assigned.  There is no standard guideline, since each case
is different.  Requirements are highly dependent on the nature and size of the
activity as well as the degree of overhead services provided through the host-
tenant agreement.
28.  TERMINATING THE JOB.  The completion of a job signifies that the
specifications have been met, quantity and quality of the job have been
inspected and certified correct by the cognizant Branch Managers of the
Maintenance or Utilities Division, unused materials have been returned to
stock, and the customer is satisfied.  (See Procedure Chart No. 8). Closing
out completed job orders promptly is an important aspect of maintenance


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