Quantcast Additional Instructions for Preparing NAVFAC 11014.22A

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for each phase under-the P&E's responsibility, including sketches, plans,
specifications, or other data.  The description of each job phase should be
written just as it is to appear on the job order.  The P&E responsible for the
work content of the entire job collects all phases, organizes them in the
order they will appear on the Job Order, and prepares the overall estimate.
The description of the entire job and of each job phase must be clear enough
as to scope and nature of work to be performed so as not to create any
misunderstanding regarding work accomplishment.  The estimate, which includes
the Job Phase Calculation Sheets, is then presented to the Work Generation
Branch Manager and FME Division Director for review and approval.
c.  Preparation of the Job Order.  When approved, the estimate is
forwarded to the Work Reception and Control functions for logging in and
distribution to pertinent supervisors.  The information on the Job Order and
the Job Order Continuation Sheets, NAVFAC 11014/22 and 22A (see Figure 5-1)
will be the same as that on the estimate.  The Job Phase Descriptions will be
the same as that on the Job Phase Calculation sheets, NAVFAC 11014/23 (See
Figure 8-1).  The job phases will be arranged on the Work Authorization (Job
Order), Figure 5-2, in the sequence in which they are to be accomplished.
d.  Additional Instructions for Preparing NAVFAC 11014/22.  Just the
block titles not considered self-explanatory are clarified here.
BLOCK 6. PRIORITY. This is the priority designator assigned by PWO/MCD.
BLOCK 9. EQUIPMENT NUMBER. Enter the plant account number, minor
property number, or local station assigned number.
BLOCK 10. RPI CAT CODE (Real Property Inventory Category Code). Enter
category code as shown on plant account records. Compare Category Code with
the facility listing in NAVFAC P-164, Detailed Inventory of Naval Shore
Facilities. Category Codes are found in NAVFAC P-72, Naval Facility Category
BLOCK 11. COST ACCOUNT CODE. Enter applicable data from NAVCOMPT
Manual, Vol 2.
BLOCK 16. FOR FURTHER INFORMATION, CALL. Enter the person who should be
contacted concerning any problems that arise. Generally, this will be the
responsible P&E.
(1) BREAKDOWN OF WORK.  See discussion of NAVFAC 11014/22 and 22A
paragraph 10.C).  This section is a "small continuation sheet" to
be used for jobs that have only one or two shops where the description of work
to be accomplished can be completed in the allotted space.
(2) ESTIMATE SUMMARY.  Enter each work center listed on the work
authorizations with summary figures for labor hours, labor dollars, material
dollars, and total cost estimate.  Show totals on bottom line.  (Reference:
paragraph 16, Designation of EPS Estimates.)
Additional Instructions for Preparing NAVFAC 11014.22A.  Just the block
titles, not considered self-explanatory, are clarified here.
BLOCK 3.  JOB PHASE NUMBER.  All jobs will be phased, that is, each shop
will have listed only the amount of work which it can accomplish before
another shop phases in.


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