Quantcast Planning and Estimating A Job Based on A Work Request

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b.  Accuracy.  Technical descriptions and numerical computations should
be thoroughly checked.
The content should be clear to all interested personnel.
d.  Conformance with Policy.
The content should conform with established
e.  Customer Approval.  The final estimate must be sent to the requestor
for approval.  Customer approval must also be obtained for work requests
involving funds other than those under the control of the Public Works
should be followed when a Work Request requires an estimate prior to work
a.  The Work Generation Branch Manager, after receipt from the Work
Reception and Control function, assigns the Work Request (Figure 6-1) to a P&E
for a scoping estimate.  Part II will be completed and the Work Request
returned to the customer.  (See Procedure Chart 2).  If the estimate is
acceptable, the customer completes Part III of the Work Request.  This
authorizes the final estimate, programming, and scheduling of the work.
b.  The Work Request is again received by the Work Generation Branch
Manager with funds authorization.  Now the Request is assigned to a lead P&E
responsible for the entire job estimate.  The lead P&E is the one who
estimates for the craft having the largest number of hours among the several
crafts involved.  The lead Planner and Estimator is also responsible for
coordinating other involved Planner and Estimator estimates and assembling all
job phases in the proper sequence.
(1) Each P&E will use a sequence Job Phase Calculation Sheet for
each craft phase of his particular assignment, or craft responsibility, within
the total work required by the Work Request.  The lead Planner and Estimator
will be furnished the assignment sequence for each craft phase, for inclusion
on the Estimate and Job Order.
(2) An overall job description should be developed.  Job phase
descriptions are developed from this overall job descriptions A job phase is
a task, or group of tasks, that can be accomplished by a particular craft
without being interrupted by another craft.  The job phases should be prepared
as illustrated in Figure 8-1, giving the craft phase number, job identity
number, the date the P&E made the estimate, work center number and title, job
phase description (this is the exact wording to be placed on the job order),
and task description.
(3) The next step is to apply the estimated time (EPS or non-EPS) to
each task listed and list EPS references (see Figure 8-1). Sum the EPS and
conventionally estimated times, apply the nomograph, and fill in the allowed


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