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(4) The lead P&E collects all job phase estimates and assembles them
in the sequence they will appear on the job order by entering the Job Phases
Numbers on each sheet.  Then he completes the estimate (Figure 5-2 (1 of 3)).
The estimate is placed on top of the job phase calculation sheets with any
pertinent drawings (Figure 8-2).  This package is then given to the
supervisory P&E for review.
c. After review the Supervisory P&E will pass the estimate to Work
Reception and Control for processing.
d.  The completed Job Order (Figure 5-2) is submitted to the appropriate
authority for approval, released in accordance with the shopload plan.
19.  RESPONSIBILITY FOR AUTHORIZATION.  Certain types of work require prior
Commanding Officer or higher authority approval, but job issue to the shops is
the Public Works Officer's responsibility.  The following personnel are those
who normally have direct or delegated authority to sign work authorization
documents and/or to approve work performance within prescribed monetary
a.  Public Works Officer.  The Public Works Officer may approve and sign
any and all work authorization documents within limitations established by
cognizant authority.
(1) Priority Designation.  The Public Works Officer is normally the
only person authorized to establish the priority designation of "1" on a job
(2) Rework.  All work authorization documents issued to correct
Public works Department faulty workmanship must be approved by the Public
Works Officer or his specified designee.
b.  Assistant Public Works Officer.  The Assistant Public Works Officer
may approve any work authorization documents when such authority has been
specifically delegated by the Public Works Officer.
c. Director, Facilities Management Engineering.  The Director may
approve any work authorization documents not exceeding the monetary
authorization limitations specifically delegated by the Public Works Officer.
d.  Shops Engineer.  The shops engineer may approve emergency Minor Work
Authorizations and Emergency/Service Work Authorizations.  However, to assure
proper and uniform cost reporting, the work authorization should be processed
in the normal manner.  If the work is needed to meet an emergency, the shops
engineer may assign qualified personnel prior to formal authorization
receipt.  In such cases, the shops engineer should indicate the emergency
nature of the work to the person processing the work authorization to expedite
the processing.  This procedure is normally limited to after normal duty hours
or when the normal approving officials are not available.
e.  Duty Officer.  The Duty Officer should be granted limited authority
to approve emergency Minor Work and Emergency/Service Work Authorizations in
conformance with procedures outlined for the Shops Engineer.


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