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f.  Director, Maintenance or Utilities Division. The Director,
Maintenance or Utilities Division, may approve Minor Work and
Emergency/Service Work Authorizations, in conformance with procedures outlined
for the shops engineer.
g. Work Reception and Control.  Work Reception and Control may approve
and sign Emergency/Service Work Authorizations within the limits established
by the Public Works Officer.
20.  JOB MATERIAL COORDINATION.  To achieve material coordination the
following actions are required:  determine the material required by each work
center for a given job, estimate the material, cost by work center, order
material, expedite delivery, record material costs, compare actual material
costs with estimated cost, evaluate the causes of significant discrepancies
between actual and estimated material costs for each work center, take
corrective action when required, and perform effective liaison between the
Public Works Department, Supply Department, Fiscal Office, and others
concerned with material.  The two major categories of material are shop-stores
material and direct-procurement material.
21.  RESPONSIBILITY FOR MATERIAL AVAILABILITY.  Organizations responsible for
the kind, quantity, and quality of available material are as follows:
This Division:
Facilities Management Engineering Division.
(1) Specifies the types, quantities and qualities of material
(2) Estimates material costs.
(3) Prepares the Material Requirements/Issue Document (nonmechanized)
NAVFAC 11014/8 (Figure 8-3).
(4) Additional instructions for preparing NAVFAC 11014/8 are shown.
Just the block titles not considered self-explanatory are clarified here.
Enter the local priority designator.
BLOCK 5.  REQUESTOR.  Enter requestor's name in this block. In
the case of Specific Job Orders, the name entered will be that of the Planner
and Estimator who prepares the MRI document.
BLOCK 7.  DATE MATERIAL REQUIRED (DMR). Enter the applicable
four-character numeric Julian date to indicate the date material is required.
To allow adequate internal processing for material issues and for
accomplishing procurement action, the DMR should be extended to the latest
date possible, consistent with actual job requirements or realistic
BLOCK 8.  SHOP REPAIR ORDER (SRO). When applicable, record the
chargeable SRO number from NAVFAC Form 11200/3A.
NUMBER.  Work Reception and Control will normally assign the serial number.
The Emergency/Service number will normally be the five-digit Emergency/Service


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