Quantcast Maintenance and Utilities Divisions

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Work Authorization Number and will be prefixed by an "E" or an "S" as
appropriate.  The Minor Work Authorization serial number will be preceded by
an "M".  The vehicle USN number will be used for Automotive Shop Stores
instead of the serial number.
BLOCK 10. TYPE OF ISSUE: Counter Issue - Direct Material
Inventory - Turn-In. Check "DMI" for all Specific Job Orders for which
material is to be staged. "Issues" will account for all other material
BLOCK 13. CLASS/STOCK OR PART NUMBER. Enter the class/stock or
manufacturer's part number for each item from the Navy Management Data List of
SN items, the Federal Supply Catalog, or the manufacturer's parts lists. The
Federal Stock Number must be used in all cases where applicable.  For outside
purchases, include the local vendor's catalog numbers and identify the vendor.
BLOCK 14. DESCRIPTION. Describe each material item so it can be
understood by personnel unfamiliar with class/stock or manufacturer's parts
requirements.  The noun name of the item must be the first word of description
followed by the specifications peculiar to the particular material (Example:
"Studs, 2" x 4" x 8', 6 PCS).
BLOCK 17. UNIT. Enter the Shop Store unit of issue in Capital
Letters. (Example: BF - board feet of lumber.)
BLOCK 20. (NIS or NC) Supply Department will complete. NIS -
Not in Stock. NC- Not Carried (in shop stores or pre-expended bins).
BLOCK 23. TO STAGING. If material staged, date each item
received at staging area.
BLOCK 24. AUTHORIZED BY. The person authorized to obligate
funds against the job order must sign this block.
(5) Reviews causes of marked discrepancies between actual and
estimated material costs.
Recommends or takes corrective action as appropriate, to assure
accurate material descriptions and estimated costs
b.  Maintenance and Utilities Divisions.  These Divisions accomplish the
following functions except where local procedures have other Divisions
(1) Requisition shop-stores material for Emergency or Minor Work.
Additional material required while a job is in progress will be requisitioned
by the Work Center Supervisor or designated representative.
(2) Obtain delivery status from the Supply Department for all
direct-procurement material and keep Work Reception and Control advised of
(3) Stages material on site for job accomplishment.
(4) Maintains inventory of surplus materials.


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