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(5) Initiates action to return surplus materials.
(6) Provide liaison between Public Works Department, Supply Office,
and Fiscal Office for such matters as the stocking of shop stores items,
prompt reporting, and recording of material costs, and so forth.
Shop-stores material acquisition entails the
following procedures:
a.  Requisitioning.
The Shop Planner or the Work Center supervisor
involved requisitions required shop-stores material. To provide data required
for management reports, all material requisitions must include the job order
number.  Procedures governing shop-stores operation are contained in
NAVSUPSYSCOM  publications.
b.  Return.  Any unused material drawn from shopstores for a particular
job, shall be returned to shop-stores for credit, provided it is in quantities
of (retail) unit or issue.  If not, it should be used for replenishing
pre-expended bins.  Acceptance of this material in the shop-stores, with
consequent credit to the job on which it was not used, is covered in Volume
II, Supply System Command-and Accounts Manual.
Shop stores stock replenishment is the shop-stores
c.  Replenishment.
supervisor's  responsibility.  It will, in general, be accomplished in
accordance with Volume II, Supply System Command and Accounts Manual.  It is
the Public Works Department's responsibility to maintain liaison with the
shop-store's supervisor and to effect mutually satisfactory stocking
procedures.. Replenishment action for items in the Navy Stock Account will be
taken on the basis of regular, recurring demand, and the minimum inventory
limit established for each item.  For items that must still be replenished by
the Appropriation Purchases Account, the shop-store supervisor's stub
requisitions  must be forwarded to the Public Works Department for approval
because its allotment is involved.  This approval includes review and
acceptance of ordered items, the quantities ordered, and the funds cited. To
avoid tying up operating funds, items and quantities ordered should be the
minimum necessary to keep work flowing smoothly.  Seldom should the quantity
ordered exceed 60-day supply.  The use of standard stock items should be
encouraged wherever possible;  When this possibility has been explored fully,
ways should be sought with Supply Department assistance to finance items under
Navy Stock Fund allotments rather that from the operations and maintenance
The following guidelines are established
for direct-procurement materials.
a. Material List.  The material list should be used when material
required is not available in shop stores or is required in quantities not
available in shop stores.
b.  Requisitioning.
Stub requisition preparation and submission to the
Supply Department will be made in accordance with Volume II, Supply System
Command and Accounts Manual procedures, and regulations of the local Supply


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