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have already been master scheduled for each Work Center.  Basic information
for forecasting the Work Center availability is obtained from the Workforce
Availability Summary and Work Plan Summary - Work Input Control Chart - for
the current month which provides data on the average hours planned for
Specific Job Orders and Minor Work Authorizations.  Normally, 75 percent of
this total should be considered available for firm scheduling on the Master
(2) Operation of Work Center Labor Hour Availability Log. The
average labor hours available in each Work Center should be entered on the
"AVAILABLE L.H."  line of the Work Center Labor Hour Availability Log, after
deduction for known Holidays.  The Master Scheduler should keep in close touch
with the Branch Managers to ascertain more accurately the personnel
availability in the immediate future.  As each job is scheduled, the hours
committed to each Work Center are entered in appropriate spaces on the Work
Center Labor Hour Availability Log.  By periodically totaling the actual and
tentatively scheduled hours, the Master Scheduler can ascertain the degree to
which each Work Center is loaded in the forthcoming weeks, and can then
accurately determine when a new job from the shopload plan may be scheduled,
or what adjustment must be made to conform with revised starting dates.
4.  MASTER SCHEDULE BOARD.  The Master Schedule Board is a centrally located
visual focal point where job status review can take place.  It pictures a job
through the various stages of awaiting material, awaiting scheduling, and the
scheduled and actual progress for the job duration.  It shows at a glance the
committed and scheduled starting dates and the scheduled completion date. It
also shows dates on which the job orders were issued to the shops.  This
identifies major jobs that have been pending for an abnormal period.  Several
types of Master Schedule Boards have been used, including plastic covered
boards, blackboards or the equivalent, and strip type boards with removable
A Master Schedule Board minimum requirements are:
a. The board should be located for easy reference by the Maintenance
Division Director, key shop supervisors, and other management personnel.
The entries on the board should be easily visible.
The board should provide a minimum of six weeks scheduling.
d.  The board should provide a means of determining whether a job is
"ahead" "behind," or "on" schedule.
e. The board should provide identification, in labor hours, of schedule
deviations to indicate necessity for remedial action.
The board should identify Work Centers that require special assistance.
g.  The board should show total major work scheduled for each Work Center
each week.


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