Quantcast Chapter 10 Report Requirements

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1.  PURPOSE.  The tabulated and management reports shown are considered
necessary to assist public works managers in controlling and measuring public
works resources.
2.  SUPPLEMENTAL TREND CHARTS.  As a supplement to required management
reports, activities are encouraged to develop and maintain trend charts to
meet their specific needs.  Examples of trend chart types developed and
maintained by various activities, and suggested for consideration, are those
showing productive effort, labor performance - EPS, productive labor hour
control, etc.  One period's report does not provide complete information; it
is only when information is drawn from successive reports that the management
effectiveness of the work center, branch, division, or department can be
determined.  Reports do not, by themselves, exercise management control.
Reports only provide facts needed by maintenance managers to pinpoint.
deficient areas that require corrective management action.
3.  REPORTS ANALYSES.  To become an effective management tool, reports must be
analyzed to determine the true causes of individual index variations.  Many
variation condition corrections require firm management action.  Each report
analysis should contain a brief narrative statement outlining reasons for
variations warranting reporting, or the lack of improvement.  The required
management action should also be noted.
Following are Facility Management reports objectives:
a.  Provide a source for determining variations from estimates on jobs, or
phases of jobs, accomplished; and a basis for investigation, if such
variations are beyond stated limitations.
b.  Inform management of each Branch's overall performance on all
completed job orders.
c.  Inform management of the Maintenance and Utilities Divisions overall
performance on all completed job orders.
d.  Inform management of the way in which each Branch has utilized its
manpower during the report period.
Inform management of the type of work accomplished.
5.  ACCURATE REPORTING.  Obtaining accurate data is a problem not easily
solved.  Progress in obtaining more accurate reporting can be achieved by
using the following procedures:
a.  Educating Work Center supervisors as to their responsibilities and
their relation to overall management problems.
Prompt closing out all completed Job Orders.
c.  Assuring proper personnel craftsmen job time reporting through
periodic field checks.


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