Quantcast Appendix C The Base Engineering Support, Technical (Best) Maintenance Control Subsystem

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The BEST Maintenance Control Subsystem is a simple, flexible, interactive,
automated management system to be operated and controlled by FME personnel,
The system is comprised of standard user-friendly software and minicomputer
equipment.  It is designed to enhance the productivity of Navy public works
maintenance personnel within the framework of the guidance provided in this
Equipment for the Maintenance Control Subsystem will consist of a central
processing unit (CPU), storage devices, visual display work stations, and
printers.  Size of CPU and storage devices, and number of work stations and
printers will vary among activities.
NAVFACENGCOM will produce and maintain the standard BEST application
software.  Local additions to, or changes in, the standard software will be an
activity responsibility.
Installation of BEST at shore activities will be performed under the
direction of the Engineering Field Divisions. The first installations are
planned for FY1985.
A brief description of the four modules comprising the maintenance control
subsystem follows.
The E/S Module supports all efforts associated with managing an E/S
operation.  It provides rapid work request processing and data retrieval
ability, performs statistical analysis on E/S work orders, facilitates the use
of Engineered Performance Standards (EPS), and generates E/S management
analysis reports on demand.
One can query the system at any time for job status, nature of requested
work, date called in, or any other characteristic of an outstanding or
completed E/S work request.
Management reports can be generated; indicating E/S backlog, job
turnaround times, or standard vs. actual hours used; to analyze current E/S
work performance.  Work center/craft supervisors can focus on these reports to
increase E/S workforce productivity and responsiveness.  Additional management
applications include selective analysis of work orders relating to such
categories as, a specific housing unit or building, a type of equipment (e.g.
air conditioners, pumps, etc.), or an individual craft or shop.  The selected
jobs can also be arranged and printed in any desired order.


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