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Return for Credit.  Material planning is very important in relation
to maximum utilization of assigned dollar.  Too much material awaiting
scheduling or surplus to needs reduces the dollars available to perform needed
repairs.  Jobs should be planned to permit scheduling as soon as possible
after all material is received.  It is essential that any direct-procurement
material left over from a job be returned to shop stores or the Supply
Department.  With the increasing use of the Navy Stock Fund to finance
shop-stores stocks, it may be possible to obtain an allotment credit as well
as a statistical cost accounting credit for returned material in
ready-for-issue condition.  In any event, the cost accounting charge for
material shown on the tabulated reports should be an accurate record of the
material actually used on the Specific Job Order rather than that originally
ordered for it.  Shop supervisors should assure that material credit is made
to the proper job.
24. MATERIAL SUPPORT.  Having the right material in the right quantity, at
the right time, and at the right place is one of the most important
requirements for efficient work accomplishment and good customer relations.
Proper material support, however, requires the joint efforts of both the
Supply and Public Works Departments.  Unfortunately, the joint responsibility
of these two departments is, all too frequently, not clearly stated or
understood.  The result is poor material support. Activities that define
these responsibilities and establish procedures for carrying them out will
have responsive material support resulting in increased Public Works
Department efficiency.
The Supply Department should perform the following
a.  Accept, for material reservation, properly prepared and authenticated
material lists from approved job orders.
b.  Procure, assemble, and segregate Specific Job Order materials by
utilizing blanket purchase orders, imprest funds, retail issue procedures, and
other means available to meet planned delivery dates.
Keep the Public Works Department informed of material procurement
status and give prompt notification of "ready" lists.
d.  Provide informal notification regarding reservation status of
auxiliary stores issues daily to Public Works Department representatives.
Accept all returnable materials, provided the quantities are at least
equal to the minimum retail unit of issue, and give credit where allowable.
26.  PUBLIC WORKS DEPARTMENT. The Public Works Department should perform the
following functions:
Change (1) July 1987


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