Quantcast Base Engineering Support Technical System (BEST)

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warranted corrective action (procedural changes, increased controls, etc.).
Copies of the completed report should be sent to the Director, Maintenance
and/or Utilities Division (dependent on the shops involved), the Facilities
Management Engineering Director and the Public Works Officer for their
information and appropriate action.  This is the appropriate procedure to use
when Tabulated Report B, Completed Job Order Report, is both accurate and
timely.  If this is not the case, another procedure may have to be used, but
variance analysis should still be performed.  An alternate method is to have
the shops identify the reasons for variation at the time the job is completed
and forward this information with the closeout copy of the job order.
c. PRIOR ACTION.  Certain personnel are in a position to identify and
initiate action on variances or impending variances before preparation of the
Tabulated Report B, Completed Job Order Report.  The Master Scheduler should
review the Planned and Actual labor hours on the Master Schedule and report
any impending variance to the Facilities Management Engineering Division
Director for action.  The Work Center or Branch Supervisor should follow
progress on all jobs and, on noticing any impending variance, take action to
prevent or minimize the variance.  If the variance cannot be prevented, a
written record of the circumstances should be made for use by the
investigator.  The Work Center supervisor should log the actual hours used on
all job orders.
d.  INVESTIGATION.  If the job is over-expended, look for a change in job
scope.  Also look for poor planning, or poor job descriptions, by Planners and
Estimators.  It is also possible that Planners and Estimators estimated on the
basis of a better method of accomplishment than that used by the shop. Among
the causes of under-expenditures are loose estimates, improved methods, and
changes on the job during performance (two coats of paint specified; one coat
applied).  Whatever the variance cause, the facts must be determined and
appropriate action taken.  Periodically, amendments should be investigated to
assure that there is a true change in scope and that they are not being issued
to make reports "look good".
greater detail).  Activities implementing pertinent BEST modules should refer
to installation materials to determine data available for review.  The BEST
system consists of management information modules to aid the PWO and his
staff.  Each of the seven modules provides techniques, procedures and control
indicators for improved and effective management of facilities, maintenance,
transportation, and utilities systems.  The seven modules are:
Emergency/Service (E/S)
Shore Facilities Inspection (SFI)
Work Input Control (WIC)
Facilities Engineering Job Estimation (FEJE)
Family Housing
Change (1) July 1987


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