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logical systematic approach providing Facility Managers with information needed to
make sound decisions based on economics and mission support.
1.4.1 Volume l-Inspection/Assessment System. Chapter 1 assigns respon-
sibilities for the maintenance of shore facilities. Chapter 2 describes the Inspection/As-
sessment system. The remaining chapters (3 through 8) provide detailed inspection
1.4.2 Volume 2-Control Inspection Checklist. This volume provides inspection
checklists for use by technical Control Inspectors.
1.4.3 Volume 3-Instructor's Manual for Control Inspector Training Course.
This volume provides a training plan for conducting an Inspector Training course to
teach Control Inspectors how to assess, evaluate and document facility deficiencies.
1.5 RESPONSIBILITIES. OPNAV Instructions 11010.23 (series) and 11000.16 (series)
contain CNO's management concepts for Real Property Maintenance Activities
(RPMA). These instructions convey CNO policy for facility inspections and condition
assessments and assign organizational responsibilities. Embedded in this policy and
guidance is an attempt to achieve a state of equilibrium between the functional value of
facilities to mission and the financial resources available to support the shore estab-
1.5.1 Activity Responsibility. Commanders, Commanding Officers and Officers-
in-Charge of Shore Activities having plant account custody of land or facilities (Class I
and II Real Property) respectively are responsible to the CNO through their major
claimant for prudent planning and plant maintenance. This includes identifying and
reporting resource requirements, material condition, safety, environmental and ap-
pearance deficiencies as well as efficient and effective utilization of assigned assets in-
cluding funds. Without explicit well defined, well organized knowledge of facility
condition, it is impossible to successfully plan, fund and execute a Facility Management
Strategy. Facilities Management Program. The Commanding Officer is
responsible for establishing and maintaining an effective facilities management program
such as that specified in NAVFAC MO-321, "Facilities Management" (for Public Works
Departments). Performance Standards shall be incorporated into work planning and es-
timating procedures and variance analyses shall be performed. The cornerstone of a
sound facilities management system is a good facilities inspection program. Activities
served by a Public Works Center (PWC) or Department (PWD) of another activity are
responsible for all functions except execution of work. They are still responsible for ac-
cepting the work performed by others.


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