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Evaluate Preventive Maintenance and Operator Inspection
Program effectiveness . Recommend changes when needed.
l Prepare cost estimates, by craft, to correct deficiencies.
l Classify deficiencies as Deferrable or Critical (OPNAV Instruction
11010.34 provides guidance.)
l Report changes in space usage. PMI Inspector Duties. Maintenance and Utilities shop person-
nel are responsible for conducting PMI of dynamic equipment in accordance with
specifications provided by the FMED. The FMED is responsible for PMI Program ad-
ministration. The Maintenance Division and Utilities Division personnel should assist
the FME Division in developing inventories, identifying checkpoints, assigning inspec-
tion frequencies, planning, scheduling, and appraising PMI effectiveness. Once the Pro-
gram has been defined, it is the FMED responsibility to issue work authorizations for
PMI accomplishment and monitor PMI execution. Supervisor's Duties. The Work Generation Branch Supervisor
must assure that each Control Inspector is properly instructed and trained. The Super-
visor should review each incoming Customer Work Request to ensure the work is not
duplicated on an Inspection Report. If so, the customer should be notified of work
status and the Work Request returned. An effectively administered Control Inspection
Program will substantially reduce Customer Work Requests for Maintenance and
Repair. The Work Generation Branch Supervisor shall conduct random inspections to
assure quality. Major unexplained discrepancies between previous and current Inspec-
tion Reports are to be resolved with inspectors, including site visits, to evaluate problem
areas and ensure the inspector is adequately trained. The FMED Director should ran-
domly review Inspection Reports for completeness, accuracy and validity of reported
deficiencies and recommended corrective actions. The Shop Supervisor responsible for
executing operator inspection or PMI Work is responsible for training workers, main-
taining work quality, promptly reporting out-of-scope PMI deficiencies and suggestions
for over/under maintenance. Operator Inspection. Operator Inspection is conducted by the
person assigned to operate the equipment or system. It includes examination, lubrica-
tion and minor adjustments. Standard Operating Procedures (SOPS) shall be developed
and posted on the equipment or facilities, or written in a watch log. During the watch,
the operator should note what was done and indicate if major repair or overhaul is
needed. Work beyond operator's capability or authority should be reported to the su-
pervisor. Breakdowns should be reported immediately. Management's Appraisal Responsibility. Management shall
monitor the "health" of the operation. Indicators exist for continuing appraisal. For ex-


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