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ample, if the percentage of Specific Maintenance and Repair Work generated from
Continuous Inspection is less than 65%, the Inspection Program may be ineffective or
inspection generated work is not being programmed for accomplishment. Note the
level of Emergency work. An increase in Emergency work and a decrease in PMI work
may indicate dynamic equipment inspections are not being worked as planned or PMI
specifications and frequency may need adjustment. It may also indicate that an item of
equipment needs to be replaced versus continual repair. Management indicators and
targets are included in the "Management Guide, Maintenance Subsystem, Base En-
gineering Support, Technical (BEST)" and NAVFAC MO-321 Chapters 10 and 11.
These will assist in measuring and monitoring overall program effectiveness. Manual
data collection for appraisal is tedious, but simplified with automation. Shore Base Readiness Report (BASEREP). OPNAV Instruc-
tion 3501.167 (series) establishes procedures for assessing the readiness of Navy shore
activities. Readiness data helps justify resources for shore establishment. The
BASEREP (Figure 1-1) is an operator's assessment of base readiness. Commanding Of-
ficers evaluate readiness of assets (personnel, facilities, and equipment) by Mission
Category. Rating factors are used to assess readiness capability by mission area. These
l C1 - Asset has fully met all demands in the Mission Category
throughout the reporting period;
l C2 - Asset has substantially met all demands of the Mission
Category throughout the reporting period with only minor difficulty;
l C3 - Asset has only marginally met demands of the Mission
Category throughout the reporting period, but with major difficulty;
C4 - Asset has not met vital demands of the Mission Category.
BASEREP ratings for "Condition" of facilities must be supported by Facility Inspection
Reports. Inspection Reports also provide repair solutions required by CNO for
BASEREP ratings of C3 and/or C4.
1.5.2 Claimant Responsibilities. A synopsis of Claimant RPMA responsibilities
outlined in OPNAV Instruction 11000.16 follows:
n Issue guidance and instructions for administration and management of
assigned land and facilities.
n Maintain a qualified staff to administer land and facilities matters. Utilize
Naval Facilities Engineering Command (NAVFACENGCOM) technical
n Provide training for personnel whose decisions affect land and facilities or
the resources to acquire, maintain or dispose of them.


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