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3.1 PURPOSE. The purpose of Control
Inspection is to conduct a complete visual
inspection of all facility components, items
and systems to determine physical condi-
tion. The inspector shall address the need
for repair, replacement versus repair of
selected items, or replacement in total.
The Inspector's Report is the single most
important document in the process and is
the inspectors "only" product. The inspec-
tor is the direct link between the facility's
health and the funding process. The In-
spection Report must answer:
n  What is wrong (description
& scope)?
n  Where is the problem
How big is the problem
n How to correct the problem (solution)?
n How much does it cost to fix ($)?
n  Who should fix it (craft/contract)?
When should it be fixed (priority)?
3.2 OBJECTIVES. Control Inspection is a scheduled facility inspection designed to:
n Provide a thorough examination of each facility and its components and
make uniform assessment of condition.
Appraise the adequacy of Operator and Preventive Maintenance
n Assure adequate, consistent levels of maintenance by detecting over or
under maintenance.
n Minimize system breakdowns and repair costs.
n Regulate the input of work for PW shops or contract.
n  Provide AIS/BASEREP reporting data.


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