Quantcast Chapter 4. Control Inspection Reports and Records

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4.1 REPORT DESCRIPTIONS. The Control Inspec-
tion Report Package consists of: A "Facility Condi-
tion Summary Report" and a "Facility Condition
Report Detailed Deficiency List." The Report pack-
age enables Inspectors to systematically report
deficiencies, urgency, and provide preliminary labor
hour and material estimates by trade. The Report
identifies "packages of work" that can be planned, es-
timated, and programmed into a work control system
as a single undertaking. It can also be used to pro-
vide budget-oriented resource requirements data and
is the basis for the Annual Inspection Summary (AIS)
and BASEREP assessment. Priorities assigned by In-
spectors highlight urgent items requiring immediate
correction differentiating from long-range requirements for maintenance planning pur-
poses. A "Facility Inspection Checklist" may also be added to the Report package to
reflect facility components examined and not examined during the Inspection. Figures
4-1, 4-2 and 4-3 portray the CI Report package documents and format.
4.1.1 Facility Inspection Checklist. The cover sheet of the completed Inspec-
tion Report package may be a "Facility Inspection Checklist," Appendix D. It tells
management at a glance what facility components were inspected (structurally, electri-
cally, mechanically) and if it received a roof inspection. It lists items to be inspected. Its
use ensures all major items in a facility are considered by the Inspector and provides a
summary of what was inspected. Figure 4-1 portrays a typical checklist.
4.1.2 Facility Condition Summary Report Sheet. The "Facility Condition Sum-
mary Report," Figure 4-2, provides a summary of labor hours and cost by craft and
material or contract necessary to restore the facility to an acceptable condition.
Management can quickly view craft areas involved for workload programming and cost
of restoration for budget and operating plan purposes.
4.1.3 Facility Condition Report Detailed Deficiency List. The "Facility Condi-
tion Report Detailed Deficiency List," Figure 4-3, provides information necessary for
day-to-day management, i.e., what is wrong, cost of correction and urgency. Manage-
ment should immediately evaluate each item checked "Immediate" or in the "One-Year"
columns and plan or initiate corrective action. Deficiencies remaining unfunded on 30
September comprise the activity's Critical Maintenance and Repair backlog on the AIS.
Deficiencies checked in the "Two Years and Beyond" column provide a relative degree
of urgency and are included on the AIS backlog as Deferrable Maintenance and Repair


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