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It provides information for a continuing review of workload with
respect to in-house/contract decisions.
Updating of scope and costs for Special Projects helps the claimant
reevaluate project priorities.
As a minimum, each deficiency reported should:
Reflect a correction action verb - repair, replace, prepare, etc.
l Define the problem - leaking valve, broken switch plate.
l Location - exact - Bldg. E, Room 307, South wall.
l Quantify costs - + 25% accuracy for budget and planning purposes.
l Be noted on a floor plan - shops must be able to easily locate.
4.2.2 Work Packaging. Work identified by inspection is used for AIS, budget,
contract and shop loading decisions. It can fill these roles best, however, when it can be
viewed in the way it will eventually be authorized for accomplishment. Work packaging
is a technique that "packages" deficiencies together the way it makes sense to do the job.
This should be done by the inspector at the time of report preparation. The inspector
should ask which deficiencies should logically be worked together as a single undertak-
ing and then group those items on the Inspection Report. The letters A, B, C, etc. on
the left side of the Inspection Report can denote items that can be worked together.
Note the blocks on Figure 4-3. The package should then be assigned a Work Request
(P.W.) number and entered in the Work Control Program or Work Input Control
(WIC) module. A breakdown by Work Center should be shown in the Work Center
Summary Section of WIC. Summarization into packages can reduce the number of
entries in a manual or automated system by 40-60 percent. This technique is illustrated
in Appendix E. This appendix also provides a sample input for a Public Works Manage-
ment Automation (PWMA), BEST, WIC Module data entry.
4.2.3 Inspection Report Numbering. Each Detailed Deficiency List or Work
package should be numbered. The number should be shown on all Job Orders correct-
ing a deficiency. One system consisting of four components which can be used for In-
spection Report Numbering is:
Bldg. No.
(last digit)
Example: Bldg. 320; Mechanical Inspection for the facility conducted in April
of 1992.


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