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ment to establish life cycle data for replacement equipment and predict future replace-
ment. Automation is recommended to track warranty information.
4.3.2 Cyclic Maintenance Planning Files. Programmed Maintenance in the
areas of roofing, painting, flooring, overhauls, is recommended. As an illustration, a five
year cycle for exterior painting would mean that 1/5th of the total exterior area should be
painted each year. Individual structures are identified as they require painting and are
prioritized on the applicable Maintenance Action Plan (see paragraph 4.5).
4.3.3 Completed Job Order Files. Completed Work Authorizations are filed in
two ways: (1) in sequence of issue by number by year of issue in the Completed Job
Order File, and (2) in sequence of issue by facility or Property Record Card Number in
the Facility File.
4.3.4 Completed E/S Work Files. Completed E/S work authorizations are also
filed in two ways: (1) in sequence by number by year of issue and (2) in sequence b y
facility or Property Record Card Number. Files should be purged at least annually after
analysis and extraction of data to assist in decisions made concerning equipment/facility
component replacement, vandalism problems, etc. Automated E/S operations can be
purged to history for longer term retention. Extracts of annual E/S effort by type work
by Facility is recommended for inclusion in the Facility File.


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