Quantcast PMI Guides and Frequency

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should not rely solely on contractor input but should carefully review the contractor's
submission and make revisions based on detailed knowledge of their physical plant.
5.3.3 PMI Guides and Frequency. Inspection guides, checkpoints and frequen-
cy of inspection should be developed for each type of equipment in inventory. Deter-
n  Appropriate inspection guidance. Detailed maintenance and servicing
information can usually be found in the equipment manufacturer's
manuals, and NAVFAC MO Manuals.
n Checkpoints and frequency of inspection for all inspection guides
applicable to the work to be performed. Do not overstate frequencies or
assign needless checkpoints.
n Actual time to inspect the checkpoint. This should be the actual on-site
time to the tenth of an hour. Travel time, write-up, delay time, etc. will be
added on the actual work authorization.


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