Quantcast Scheduling Inspections

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5.3.4 Inspection Record. A PMI Record Card should be developed for each
item of inventory. Include data in subparagraph 5.3.3 as well as:
n Item identification including property number, nomenclature, make,
model, and other pertinent information.
n Location - Building number, floor, room number, etc.
The PMI Record Card should be used during inspection and updated to reflect:
n Checkpoint inspected.
Description of deficiencies corrected or reported. If the equipment is
part of a building system, copies should be placed in the Facility File.
n Actual time spent on-site (tenths of an hour). After several PMIs of the
item of equipment, the actual times should be averaged and compared to
the estimate, differences reconciled and estimates revised. This gives
more accurate data for planning and scheduling shop workload.
n Date of Inspection.
n Inspector's Initials - Inspectors should be rotated so different views on
equipment and component condition may be obtained.
5.4 SCHEDULING INSPECTIONS. A 52 week schedule for each shop should be
developed, spreading the work equally if possible. Work scheduling should consider
location, type, frequency, and shop.
5.4.1 PMI Frequencies. Initial PMI frequencies should be based on
manufacturers' guidelines. Experience and analysis of actual maintenance records will
indicate the need to revise frequencies.
5.4.2 PMI Times. Time allowed to perform each PMI should be based on time
needed to perform specific checklist items plus time for travel, delay, site access, etc.
Time allowed should permit the inspector to complete service with tools, parts, and
materials available in a hand-carried preplanned Inspection/Service kit. When cir-
cumstances require more than one hour per piece of equipment and the inspector does
not have to return to the shop for additional tools, parts or materials, the effort should
be completed. An Emergency/Service Work Authorization should be issued to account
for time expended and the Inspection Record noted accordingly. NAVFAC P-717.0
"Preventive/Recurring Maintenance Handbook" contains Inspection/Service time stand-
ards for some items of dynamic equipment.
5.4.3 PMI Scheduling Considerations. It is not usually economical for all items
to receive PMI. Annual operation and maintenance costs for these items should be
monitored and required services analyzed. Perhaps some services could be performed
as cyclic maintenance on Specific Job Orders issued at predetermined intervals, thus


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