Quantcast Chapter 6. Operator Inspection Procedures

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The objective of Operator In-
spection is to provide and assure efficient operation
of mission essential equipment and systems which re-
quire the assignment and attendance of an operator.
6.2 RESPONSIBILITY. Operator Inspection is the
responsibility of the person assigned to operate the
equipment or system. Standard Operating Proce-
dures (SOPS) should be developed and posted on the
equipment or facilities, or written in the watch log.
Deficiencies beyond the scope of the operator's as-
signed responsibilities should be immediately
reported to the Work Generation Branch's Work
Receptionist via the shop supervisor. During operation and equipment servicing,
operators should be alert to symptoms, the need for diagnostic technical inspections and
the potential need for major repair or overhaul. Although Operator Inspections may
generate some Specific Work requirements as a result of routine examination, lubrica-
tion and minor adjustments of equipment to which they are assigned, their primary
responsibility is to assure continuous operation of critical equipment and systems.
Operator Inspection Program effectiveness should be evaluated during Control Inspec-
tion. Operators should continually monitor the PMI Program whether performed as
part of their SOP or by shop forces and recommend adjustments when needed.
6.3 QUALIFICATIONS. Operators must be thoroughly familiar with the equipment or
systems to which assigned. They require a complete knowledge of operational and
safety requirements and a full understanding of SOPS. Independent assignment should
not be made until the supervisor or lead operator has certified that the required skills
and knowledge have been demonstrated. They should be able to detect abnormal
operating conditions and take necessary corrective actions to avoid disruption, damage
to property or hazard to personnel.
6.4 SCHEDULING INSPECTIONS. Operator inspections do not require scheduling
since a specific operator is generally permanently assigned to the equipment or system.
6.5 PERFORMING OPERATOR INSPECTIONS. Operators should perform proce-
dures outlined on assigned Preventive Maintenance Inspection/Service work authoriza-
tions and approved standard operating procedures.


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