Quantcast Chapter 7. Annual Inspection Summary (AIS)

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7.1 PURPOSE. The purpose of the Annual Inspection Summary (AIS) is to report the
condition of Navy owned and operated real property, including temporary in-grants not
out-leased or declared surplus.
7.2 OBJECTIVE. The objective of the AIS is to provide an annual assessment of
facility condition and report the impact of condition on mission readiness. A secondary
objective is to provide a means for the command chain to present unfunded facility con-
dition problems to higher authority for programming consideration. Although the AIS
is not a request for funds, it provides solid supporting justification for additional resour-
ces to correct facility problems. The AIS also provides:
n An assessment of the overall facility inspection program and inspection
n An assessment of individual facility condition.
n A budget-oriented report of facility resource requirements.
n The data needed to develop an executable Maintenance Action Plan
(MAP) within resource constraints.
Data needed to make an assessment of Base Readiness (BASEREP).
7.3 AIS FUND ING RELATIONSHIP. High interest in the deteriorating condition of
Navy Real Property and severe reductions in facility repair funds prompted the Chief of
Naval Operations (CNO), to institute procedures to identify, report and analyze facility
deficiencies. These procedures:
n Emphasize inspection of facilities with direct bearing on activity readiness.
n Emphasize inspection of facilities with high economic impact on
n Identify facility condition deficiencies by Investment Category.
n Prioritize facility problems as critical or deferrable.
n Require major claimants to review and verify AIS Reports.
Synchronize facility condition reporting with the budget request
programming cycle.
n Include Real Property Maintenance Activities (RPMA) program
requirements as an agenda item for the Military Construction Review
Board (MCRB) and require major claimants to defend their RPMA
program before the MCRB based on AIS data.


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