Quantcast Preparation of the AIS

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n Permit CNO to view the MCON and RPMA Program as related
requirements by Investment Category addressing both current and future
needs jointly.
Use the AIS and BASEREP as tools to help CNO formulate
programming guidelines and define the direction of MCON and RPMA
through the Future Years Defense Plan (FYDP).
7.4 PREPARATION OF THE AIS. There are three (3) different types of Annual Inspec-
tion Summaries depending on the types of property involved. Preparation instructions
as well as reporting formats differ with each type. Specific guidance for preparation and
reporting is contained in instructions promulgated by the commands involved. Only the
Type "A" report is required by CNO. The three (3) types are:
TYPE "A". Navy owned and operated property, including facilities operated by
contractor for research and development, not out-leased or declared surplus.
OPNAVINST 11010.34 (series) contains forms and instructions for annual preparation.
The majority of Navy activities are in this category and therefore subject to
OPNAVINST 11010.34 series reporting requirements.
TYPE "B". Navy property, except industrial facilities, out-leased, declared surplus,
or sold with a recapture provision. Para. 7.4.1 provides information for preparation of
Type "B" AIS Reports.
TYPE "C". Industrial facilities not Navy operated. Reporting instructions for
applicable activities will be issued by the requesting command. Para. 7.4.2 provides in-
formation for preparation of Type "C" AIS Reports.


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