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7.4.1 Type "B" Annual Inspection Summary
1. TYPE OF PROPERTY. Type "B" Annual Inspection Summary (Figures 7-1 and 7-2)
shall be used to report conditions for the following types of property:
a. Naval Property, not including Industrial Facilities, which is outleased, or outper-
mitted, to others.
b. Naval Property, not including Industrial Facilities, which has been declared
excess or surplus and is pending lease, transfer or sale, and for which the Navy is respon-
sible for protection, maintenance and repair until such time that this responsibility is
transferred to the disposal agency. Also included is property of activities which have
been disestablished and which are not covered under reports for other types of property.
c. Naval Property, not including Industrial Facilities, which has been sold or
transferred with a provision for recapture in event of a national emergency.
a. Category of Inspection. The data for preparing a Type "B" Annual Inspection
Summary are usually obtained from a one-time comprehensive inspection, as opposed
to regular inspections.
b. Inspection Party. It is desirable that the inspector be accompanied by a
representative of the lessee, or owner, so the lessee or owner will be more conversant
with the deficiencies listed.
c. Inspector's Recommendations. The Inspector's Recommendations, as shown in
the summary, shall be in consonance with facilities categorization code levels for Naval
installations; the terms of the lease, permit, or sales contract; and the Condition Report
for Leased Property, if one was prepared.
d. Facilities Categorization Codes. In general, the facilities categorization codes
for outleased Naval property shall be the same as those for Naval installations in an ac-
tive status. The lease, permit or sales contract will specify the lessee's, permittees' or
owners' responsibility for maintenance and may modify the required amount of main-
tenance. Copies of such documents should be reviewed prior to each inspection. When
a Condition Report for Leased Property has been made the maintenance required of
the lessee cannot be more than that required to return the property to the condition
shown in the report, unless the lease specifically states otherwise.


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