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(12) Estimated Reactivation Cost. Indicate the estimated current dollar cost
that would be required to restore this property to an active operational status.
(13) Field Representative of Government. Insert the title of the
Government's field representative designated in the lease.
(14) Maintenance Responsibility. Insert the clause number(s) in the lease,
or the National Security Clause, which delineate(s) the maintenance responsibility of
the lessee or owner. Provide a brief description of this clause.
(15) Maintenance Action. Cross out "(is)" or "(is not)" and cross out "(lease)"
or "(contract)" in the printed statement as appropriate. If "(is)" is crossed out, describe
briefly the action taken by the Government field representative to obtain effective
lessee maintenance.
(16) thru (20) Deficiencies. The deficiencies discovered during the
inspection are to be listed in Columns 16 through 20, except that deficiencies of a
housekeeping nature (for example, items costing less than $1,000 to correct are not to
be shown). When corrective action on any deficiency has been initiated, but not com-
pleted, the deficiency should be listed and notation "started" placed in Column 18 or 19.
(16) Category Code. The appropriate category code is to be taken from
NAVFAC P-72, Category Codes for Navy Facilities Assets. Leave this column blank
when deficiencies for Class III Plant Account items, or non-plant account items, are
shown. For each deficiency listed, show in Column 16 the applicable Navy Category
Code (5-digits).
(17) Description. List separately in Column 17 each deficiency to be
included in the summary, including the apparent cause and the effect on the property, if
the deficiency is not promptly corrected.
(18 & 19) Estimated Cost. For each deficiency listed, enter the estimated
deficiency correction cost. Place the entry in Column 18 if the lessee or owner is respon-
sible for correcting the deficiency. When there is a divided responsibility for correcting
the deficiency, indicate the appropriate portion of the estimated cost in each of the
columns. Provide a total for each column at the end of the summary.
(20) Priority. This Column is to be used only to classify the deficiencies that
should be corrected by the Navy. Those items that are considered necessary to protect
the Government's interest, and to maintain readiness of the property, are to be indi-
cated as N1, N2, N3, etc.; the lower the figure representing highest urgency or priority.
The remaining items that, while desirable, do not appear immediately essential to main-


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