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the summary in order that appropriate action may be taken at Departmental level. In
the case of deficiencies at plants of the National Industrial Plant Reserve, it is most
desirable that the EFD representative, and the authorized GSA field representative,
agree on interpretation of the lease or sales contract, and the estimated deficiency costs
that are the responsibility of the lessee or purchaser. In the case of plants that have been
sold, the inspector's judgment must reflect the owner's responsibility contingent upon
his use of the facility and seriousness of the deficiency. One-time comprehensive inspec-
tions providing rehabilitation estimates need not be made each year, provided sig-
nificant changes have not occurred since the previous report.
c. Maintenance Levels. Maintenance levels for industrial plants are provided by the
responsible major claimant. The lease, permit, license or sales contract, or the National
Security Clause of such document, will specify lessees', permittees' or owners' respon-
sibility for maintenance; and may modify the maintenance level required. Where copies
of applicable leases, permits, licenses, or sales contracts are not available in the EFD,
they should be reviewed at the office of the major claimant's field representative prior
to each inspection. Where a Condition Report for Leased Property has been made, the
maintenance required of the lessee cannot be more than that required to return the
property to the condition shown in the report, unless the lease specifically states other-
d. Inspection Scheduling. Industrial Plant inspections shall be scheduled by the
EFD so summaries will reach the major claimant prior to 1 December of each year.
3. WHEN TO SUBMIT. Submit annually, at no later than 12-month intervals. Submit
upon request of the cognizant major claimant, or its field representative, for all other
property. When a cognizant major claimant, or its field representative, has previously re-
quested that a property inspection be made, and the request is not limited to a one-time
comprehensive inspection, the EFD shall submit summaries at no later than 12-month
intervals. Summaries shall be forwarded to reach the cognizant major claimant prior to
1 December each year.
4. WHO. The summary shall be prepared by the geographical EFD in which the proper-
ty is located. Following will be their responsibilities:
(1) Establishing inspection dates,
(2) Facilities inspection to determine their physical condition,
(3) Providing technical recommendations for deficiencies correction,
(4) Providing cost estimates for deficiencies correction, and


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