Quantcast Chapter 8. The Base Engineering Support,Technical (Best) System

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8.1 OBJECTIVE. The objective of BEST is to provide Public Works personnel with a
simple, flexible, interactive ADP system to track workload that is easy to operate.
8.2 DISCUSSION. BEST is a "tool" that automates the Navy's facilities management
system. It consists of standard user-friendly software and features independent function-
al modules. There are separate equipment suites for maintenance, housing and
transportation functional areas. The Maintenance/Utilities subsystem consists of five
n Emergency Service (E/S)
n  Shore Facilities Inspection (SFI)
Work Input Control (WIC)
n  Facilities Engineering Job Estimating (FEJE)
n Utilities (UT)
Central processing unit and storage device sizes and the number of work stations and
printers will vary among activities. The modular system is flexible and versatile enough
to accommodate most Public Works Department needs. A microcomputer version is
available as well as the Honeywell mini version. Other functions are automated or
being developed to complement the BEST system as part of a Public Works Manage-
ment Automation (PWMA) micro initiative. BEST is a large portion of the PWMA pie.
More detailed information concerning BEST and the five Maintenance/Utilities
modules can be found in the "Management Guide, Maintenance/Utilities Subsystem,
Base Engineering Support, Technical" and the user's manuals for the individual
8.3 THE SFI MODULE. The SFI Module automates the Shore Facility Inspection/As-
sessment System. The SFI Module automates the normal clerical functions and schedul-
ing operations associated with management of both the Control Inspection (CI)
program for facilities and the Preventive Maintenance Inspection (PMI) programs for
dynamic equipment. The SFI module contains two (2) sub-modules, CI and PMI.
8.3.1 Inventory. An effective use of the SFI Module is an accurate facilities and
dynamic equipment inventory. This is essential for CI and PMI programs whether
managed through the SFI Module or manually. It includes such items as facility number
and name, priority, inspection frequency, map grid, and zone. PMI equipment inven-
tories include equipment name, number and inventory code. After initial data input
and start-up, a procedure for inventory update must be established to maintain accurate
inventories. The FME Division is the focal point for gathering changes to data elements


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