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1. DOD 4165.2, DOD Real Property Maintenance Activities Program
2. NAVFACINST 11010.44D, Shore Facilities Planning Manual
3. NAVFACINST 11012.139, Facility Post-Occupancy Evaluation Program
4. OPNAVINST 3501.167B, Shore Base Readiness Report (BASEREP)
5. OPNAVINST 11000.16A Command Responsibility for Shore Activity
Land and Facilities
6. OPNAVINST 11010.23D, Management of Real Property Maintenance
7. OPNAVINST 11010.34B, Annual Inspection Summary; Instructions for
Preparation and Submission of
1. OPNAVINST 11010.20E, Facilities Projects Manual
2. NAVMAT P-5100, Safety Precautions for Shore Activities
3. BEST Users' Manuals and Management Guide
4. NAVFAC MO-104, Maintenance of Waterfront Facilities
5. NAVFAC MO-110, Paints and Protective Coatings
6. NAVFAC MO-111, Building Maintenance; Structures
7. NAVFAC MO-113, Maintenance & Repair of Roofs
8. MIL-HDBK-1114/2, Maintenance & Operation of Heating Systems
9. NAVFAC MO-114, Vo1 3, Maintenance & Operation of Ventilation Systems
10. NAVFAC MO-116, Electrical Interior Facilities
11. NAVFAC MO-117, Maintenance of Fire Protection Systems
12. NAVFAC MO-124, Mooring Maintenance


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