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Inspection reports, properly formatted, can enhance the effectiveness of the main-
tenance management system to execute work. Effectiveness is greatly improved by a
Work Packaging Technique. The idea is to package or collect deficiencies together into
workable jobs ready for accomplishment. If followed, the packaging technique can mini-
mize data entries for manual or automated maintenance management systems. The
reduction of the number of entries in a work control system allows Facility Managers to
concentrate on fewer jobs and places emphasis on correction of problems. It reduces the
number of resource management decisions and planner/estimator preparation time.
Work Packaging is also a reporting technique that assists facility inspectors. The techni-
que allows inspector latitude to prioritize, recommend, and analyze inspection deficien-
cies. This is critical to the preparation of the Annual Inspection Summary and
Maintenance Action Plan.
To implement the work packaging system, facility inspectors must complete the Facility
Condition Report Detailed Listing (Exhibit-1) listing deficiencies found during the on-
site inspection. Inspection reports should be prepared for each discipline e.g., structural,
electrical, and mechanical. Completed inspection reports are then analyzed by the in-
spection team to determine how the work should logically be accomplished. The team
decides what deficiencies can be worked together as a package (A, B, C, D, etc.). These
packages contain deficiencies that should logically be worked together as single, or
multi-craft in-house or contract jobs.
The blocks in the description area of the inspection report denote individual packages.
Exhibit-2 is a Work Input Control (WIC) / Inspection Summary Sheet used with the
packaging technique. It is prepared by the inspection team as the work packages are
developed. A separate WIC summary sheet for each package designator A, B, C is re-
quired. Individual summary sheets are needed because each represents a separate job.
The packaging summary sheets are used as input to an automated data base, i.e., WIC
module of "BEST' or to update a manual system. Exhibit-3 is a sample work package
demonstrating the use of the technique.
Appendix E-1


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