Quantcast Developing A Maintenance Action Plan (MAP)

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Once the resource amount available for Minors and Specific type M&R work has been
determined, then, and only then, can a MAP be developed. Input for the MAP comes
from the AIS which must first be sorted so that priority work can be quickly culled from
the total AIS deficiency list.
The AIS should be sorted first by (DC) and then Investment Code (IC) and Deficiency
Type (DT). This sorting process will result in all deficiencies within the Commanding
Officer's funding authority being listed together in IC groupings by type of work. A
sample report is provided as Exhibit-2.
The next step in MAP development is to mark the CMAR items on the AIS sorted
report. This should be done within the mission essential IC's established by your Major
Claimant or activity. Select the critical items within each IC that can be completed next
year. The dollar value of the MAP items should equal the resources planned for Minor
and Specific type work for that year unless your claimant indicates a lessor percentage is
to be used. Some claimants request the MAP to be only 50% of the amount available
for Minors and Specifics, reserving the balance for unplanned work that it is known will
occur throughout the year, that is hopefully priority type work.
Once you have decided which maintenance and repair items to accomplish during the
upcoming year (from the sorted AIS report), enter each line item onto a blank MAP
report form. Exhibit-3 is a sample MAP format. Any automated spreadsheet tool may
be used.
MAP items should be programmed and accomplished during the designated Fiscal Year
as planned. As jobs are accomplished they should be checked off the list and a comple-
tion date and work authorization document number recorded. All MAP line items
should be monitored so that their completion during the year can be assured. Try to en-
sure the funding allocated for specific M&R items and as many of the originally planned
jobs are done. A properly executed MAP should result in CMAR backlog reduction.
Appendix F-2


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