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The Shore Facilities Inspection System includes three (3) inspection categories:
Operator Inspection, Preventive Maintenance Inspection (PMI) and Control Inspec-
tion. Specialized Inspection is included within the Control Inspection category. This
manual provides procedural guidance and Inspection Guides needed to perform Con-
trol Inspections.
Control Inspection is a scheduled examination and/or test of shore facilities to
determine the physical condition with respect to the required level of maintenance.
Control Inspection objectives are to:
Provide a thorough examination of each facility and its components and
make uniform assessment of condition,
Appraise the adequacy of Operator and Preventive Maintenance
Assure adequate, consistent levels of maintenance by detecting over or
under maintenance,
Minimize system breakdowns and repair costs,
Regulate the input of work for Public Works shops or contract,
Provide Annual Inspection Summary (AIS)/BASEREP reporting data,
Identify facility maintenance and repair resource requirements and
provide a basis for developing a meaningful, executable resource plan.
While this manual does not cover Specialized Inspections performed by Engineering
Field Divisions, Public Works Centers, etc., results of Specialized Inspections should be
integrated with findings of the Control Inspection program to determine overall facility
A well planned and scheduled implementation of a Control Inspection program
will generally reduce overall maintenance costs and preserve mission readiness.
Facilities kept in good condition reduce costly repairs and the resulting disruptions to
planned maintenance and facility users' work schedules. Control Inspections go beyond
the findings of superficial, aesthetic and cosmetic imperfections. Control Inspections
are framework-based inspections performed to seek and document basic deficiencies.
Performance of Control Inspections will provide the following:


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