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This manual is designed to aid the facilities inspector in preparing and performing
facility inspections and reporting facility deficiencies. A systems approach is used to
facilitate inspections by trade or craft. Generally, inspections are divided into Struc-
tural, Electrical, Mechanical, and Roofing. This manual includes inspection guides for
these categories.
This manual provides generic Control Inspection guidance. It should be used as a
reference only, and not a substitute for sound engineering judgement. In all cases,
manufacturer's instructions and local governmental codes should be consulted and used
in conjunction with Control Inspection Guides. Appropriate precautions should be ex-
ercised when inspecting hazardous material and other environmentally unsafe areas.
Where replacement of parts is necessary, the materials used should be of equal or better
Application of Control Inspections with regard to the overall Shore Facilities
Inspection System is explained in NAVFAC MO-322, Volume I, the Inspection of
Shore Facilities manual. Application of Control Inspections with regard to the overall
Facilities Maintenance Management program is explained in NAVFAC MO-321, the
Facilities Management manual.


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