Quantcast Inspections Program Quality Assurance

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n  Does the Project have sufficient detail?
Based on the findings above, process Special Project as follows (provide any amend-
ments recommended to special projects):
n Special Project looks correct, no changes are recommended - Don't do
anything to the Project.
n Incorrect scope or cost - Suggest an amendment to the Project.
n Project unnecessary - Suggest cancellation of the Project.
n Lack of detail - Suggest an amendment to the Project.
During inspection, information in the facility folders may be determined to be
incorrect or conflicting. When this happens, make note of these discrepancies, notify
the Inspector Supervisor, and include your assessment of the situation in your Inspec-
tion Report.
Discrepancies, omissions and understated cost estimates will negatively impact
resource budgeting and workload planning. Therefore, it is important to obtain high
quality inspection results. To monitor inspection quality, a team consisting of one In-
spector, the Inspector Supervisor, and one Maintenance Supervisor and/or Engineer
should periodically spot inspect 10% of the completed facilities inspected. By doing
this, statistically tracking results, correcting problems, and training people not to make
the same mistakes, the Inspection Program will yield high quality inspection results.


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