Quantcast Chapter 4. Inspection Guides

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This chapter includes Inspection Guides which are trade oriented. Each Guide is
formatted into sections generally including a definitions section, an instructions section
and a repair/replacement criteria section. The definitions section provides a listing of
related terms and their meanings with respect to performance of physical inspection.
The instructions section is the basic trade inspection guide. The repair/replacement
criteria section provides guidance to determine the best course of action to correct
reported deficiencies. Cost estimates should be developed using applicable criteria.
Inspectors should use these Guides to supplement the General Instructions
provided in Chapter 3. These Guides should be used as a reference and should be com-
plimented with sound engineering judgement. Each facility is unique; therefore, a com-
plete inspection may require inspection of components and systems not included in the
Guides. Manufacturer's instructions and local governmental codes should be consulted
and used in conjunction with these Guides.
Beware of Omissions. An Inspector performing a general (i.e., a complete turn-key)
inspection should know to cover all systems and components in a facility without ques-
tion. Inspectors should read and become familiar with all Guides to know what is ex-
pected of each trade and to recognize what may be part of a facility not included in the
Guides. When multiple Inspectors are assigned to inspect various components and sys-
tems by trade, it is important that the inspection be coordinated. In this case, the Inspec-
tor Supervisor should assign a Lead Inspector responsible to make sure the entire
facility gets inspected. Any questions should be resolved by the Inspector Supervisor.


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