Quantcast Chapter 5. Structural Inspection Guide

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Aircraft Power Check Facility - consists of aircraft securing fittings and mooring eyes
anchored in concrete, tie-down chain assembly with aircraft holdback fitting and blast
Ammunition Storage (Aboveground) - Ammunition storage facilities that are covered
with earth, but aboveground.
Antenna-Supporting Towers and Masts - includes guyed radiators and guys, antenna-
supporting strongbacks, strongback insulation to towers, elevating mechanisms, and
obstruction and navigation lighting, but does not include inspection of antenna.
Asbestos - minerals used as a noncombustible or chemically resistant material.
Bridges and Trestles - includes those constructed of steel, timber, masonry, concrete,
and composite materials. It does not cover concrete boxes with integral floor, which are
classed as culverts regardless of span, and are included in Storm Drainage Systems.
Brows and Gangways - includes brows and gangways constructed of steel, wood, and
Ceiling - what can be seen from the inside of a room
Construction - the general structure or mainframe of the facility
Doors and Gates - the door package and the interface with the facility and fence gates
Exterior walls - what can be seen from the outside of a facility
Fencing - fencing attached to a facility or as its own facility
Floor - from top of the foundation to the air in the room, including carpet, tiling, paint-
ing, etc.
Foundation - from the ground to below the floor of a facility
Fresh Water Storage - includes ground storage reservoirs and tanks and elevated


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